Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Party Ideas - Share Your Best!

Halloween is around the corner - and parents are busy planning Halloween parties for little witches and ghosts. Do you have a fun halloween-themed craft or game? Share it here and help give another parent a great idea.

One of our favorite crafts (great for a class party) - are pasta skeletons. Materials: black paper, white crayons, different shapes of pasta, and glue. Kids draw a skeleton on the black paper, and then glue on the pasta in the skeleton shape. Each creation will be unique and fun.

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  1. Our kid's classes have loved 'who is the ghost' - all you need is a sheet! One child goes in the hall, one child is covered with a sheet. The child in the hall comes back and has to guess which of his/her classmates is the ghost. Very simple, but they have fun. Perfect for first-third graders.