Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Friendly Movie Reviews

Do you check out movies before taking your kids? Just found a great site for family-friendly reviews and information, They write, "because media profoundly affects our kids social, emotional, and physical development, Common Sense Media rates media based on age appropriateness...We know every family and every kid is different -- but all families need trustworthy information to make great media choices. " We like their easy rating system, the way they explain how they determine what is appropriate (see their "about us - how we rate and review" page, and the details they provide (even conversation-starter questions, for after the movie).

Check out their review of the recently released Dolphin Tales, here:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Birthday Gifts - Six-to-Twelve Year olds

As promised, five of our favorite birthday ideas for six-to-12 year olds follow. Stock up now for school year parties. All work for boys or girls, and for a range of over-six ages . From magic to art to challenging games, let the fun begin!

Cartoon It. Sharpen your memory and your drawing pencil as you play this fun, fast-paced memory game with an artistic twist.

Enchanted Ring Magic Set. Amazing multi-piece set features amusing illusions and crafty slight-of-hand tricks for the young magician to practice and perform

Tilt. With 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, Tilt will have your brain moving in all directions.

Jawbones. Set contains 100 precision quality Jaw Bones pieces that swivel, ratchet and snap together in countless ways.

Window Art. Trace. Squirt. Peel. Stick. Making beautiful works of Window Art couldn't be easier. Twenty different illustrators created more than a hundred pieces of easy to trace art.