Sunday, October 2, 2011

Enjoy Stress Free Holidays

My kids started asking if they could work on their Christmas lists today...a sure sign it will soon be that most magical time of the year. On the top of my wish list...a completely stress free holiday. Is it possible? I know it is. IF (a big if) I'm truly organized.

Parties, crafts, decorating, cooking, shopping, and a partridge in a pear tree. (and a day job.) The goal is to finish everything possible before Thanksgiving and then really enjoy all the fun.

Want to join along and enjoy a stress free holiday season?

For the first weekend in October, these are the goals:
1) If you are entertaining/hosting, plan the menus, including recipes and shopping lists
2) Purchase holiday outfits for the kids (yes, they are in stores now!!) Of, if you're too busy to get out - get online - find barely-used options on eBay or buy from your favorite stores online

Good luck and best wishes for a stress free holiday! Share your tips and thoughts below. (and tweet at #stressfreeholiday.)

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